Pain Free Sacroiliac Joint 

The sacrum sits between the two halves of the pelvis and acts as the joint connection between the spine and the pelvis.. This articulated connection is called the sacroiliac joint (ISG for short) and is movable to a small extent in order to enable childbirth as well as cushioning and energy storage while walking .

The sacroiliac joint can issues if it becomse stuck or even too flexible. One of the main problems for healthy posture and a fit back is the uneven mobility of the sacroiliac joint .

In this webinar you will learn to understand and embody the structure of the sacroiliac joint. You will also balance the joint using imagery exercises in order to achieve ideal force absorption and cushioning.

All the movements of your body will benefit from a well-functioning sacroiliac joint.

In this 2-hour webinar you will learn:

  • What the three most important muscles for a healthy and balanced ISG and how these can be strengthened

  • How to properly stretch the muscles for a healthy ISG – and what not to do.

  • The best pressure points for a pain-relieving massage

  • Optimizing the interaction between the pelvic floor, ISG and your lumbar spine

  • How to use the ISG optimally in everyday life and during training

  • How to train the pelvic fascia for a healthy ISG

Replay – Pain Free Sacroiliac


  • Live Stream Class with Eric Franklin

  • 2 hours in length

  • includes:

    • 3 Month Access to video replay

    • Downloadable Poster Packet with 5 printable posters – PDF

    • Exercise Reference Sheet –  PDF

    • Discount of $20 off the next upcoming webinar!

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