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  • Lora

    Ahhhh! Feels great. Best way to start your day. Thanks Eric!

  • kathy reiche

    great imagery as always, great heart massage. Thanks. Hope you have a one day workshop in SF bay area(north of San Francisco, CA) sometime soon.

  • Londa Carter

    Thank you, Eric. I have your books and dvds, and I took a one day course in LA. I practice, and I have a better quality of life thanks to your teachings.

  • Vicki Eklund

    Thank you for your awesome video! Now please, please, please, please, please, please bring your Teacher Training to the New York Metro Region.
    Love and joy to you on this spectacular day,


  • Hilary

    Hi Eric, Wow!! That has left an amazing feeling of space in my chest and a more elastic heart. Thank you. H.

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