Video: Imagery and Stress Reduction (10-10-17) Transformation FME

This week we are going to continue with the discussion about the link between imagery and the reduction of stress. In your toolbox for this week we have:

  • A video lesson to help you relax your shoulders
  • a companion shoulder imagery meditation MP3 download
  • A PDF imagery download for you to use throughout the week to guide your shoulder meditation.

Our Educator Extra this week is another selfie vlog from Eric.

We’ve also added a PDF download of our imagery and movement chart. You can use this throughout the Transformation series to track your own movement and imagery progress.


Educator Extra: Open Your Chest with Imagery & Embodiment


Actionable ways to use this weeks tools:


    • What are your goals for this week? Have your shoulders been holding in your tension and if so, how do they feel after you have watched the video and/or listened to the Mp3? Take some time this week to share in the forum what your goals are and how your body feels at the beginning of the week. You can share your goals here.
    • If you have time, also listen to the mp3 a few times this week. One morning, glance at the imagery PDF before you start the day and let us know if that image came back to you during your busy day. Notice your shoulders at the end of that day. Is there a difference? At the end of the week report what you learned differently with each listening and how your shoulders and tension level feel after your week of shoulders.  You can share here.

    • The education extra this week was focusing on your brain to improve movement. What are some ways you can incorporate this into your teaching and daily life? Try doing the exercise before your next class. Do you notice a difference in your own teaching and movement? Discuss this on our educator forum 
    • Connection Extra: If you have time, share in the community forum your favorite FM shoulder exercise to teach with directions for the community followers to try it out. Ask them to respond with the results they find in their body.

    • We will again randomly select one participant from each forum that will win a free copy of the next online course to be released in October: Cueing with The Franklin Method. The more you post, the more chances you have to win! Winners will be announced next Tuesday. This Tuesday’s winners? We will be announcing it on Facebook later today & emailing you directly!

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