Oblique Abdominal Workout with Bands – Franklin Method®

The oblique abdominals are important for rotating the torso and help with the exhalation phase of breathing by lowering the ribs. The internal oblique is also important for lower back and pelvic stability. The outer oblique forms the inguinal ligament and at its lower send and sends fascial expansions to the adductor origins.

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  • Terri Alexander

    Excellent ! Easy to do and affective through out the day!

  • Barbara

    So good to feel my ribs sliding. Love Franklin Method.

  • Fran Philip

    Thank you Eric, I am off to teach class and will use this move!

  • Carol Naish

    Thanks Eric, love getting new ideas to use in my classes!

  • Gloria Castro

    Excellet I love Franklin method. Thanks for your información.

  • Karen

    Because only part of the body can be seen on the video, it is difficult to understand what is really happening in the body with this exercise. Would you please explicate:
    (1) Are we bending at the hips, knees and ankle with each rotation of the trunk?
    (2) Is the trunk rotating on an otherwise neutral spine, or are we flexing slightly with each rotation?
    (3) When adding in the lifting of the leg on the ipsilateral side, is the action purely at the hip joint or is there also a hiking of the pelvis to the trunk? (Please describe which muscles this exercise is designed to activate.)
    Thank you very much.
    This seems like an important exercise, and therefore it seems important that it be done correctly, i.e., without substitutions and aberrant motions.

  • Malinalli

    Thank you so much for making these videos!

  • ZoyaMarie Jilbere

    Eric, I LOVE you, you are genius.
    Great short video to entice the “ab” group. Of course many of are also visualizing the DIA, liver, stomach, spleen, pancreas, etc (even celiac plexus, shhhh) when we do these movements. But, hey, let’s get them started. Love your simplicity.

    Miss you!!!!!!!!



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