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Below we have “hand out” tools from the workshop Eric Franklin taught during his workshops.  We hope that these tools will help you take with you what you learned during the workshop. To expand your experience after the workshops we also have extra tools below for you, which include a fun dance band workout. Also below, we have information about future opportunities to bring the Franklin Method into your teaching practice with special discounts for conference attendee’s only. Please feel free to let us know if you have any more questions at info@franklinmethod.com.


Franklin Method Extras!

Liberate Your Ribcage for a Happier Spine (with balls)

Relax and tone your Shoulders, Neck and Spine

Enjoy Eric Franklin’s  Dance Band Workout

Keep The Experience Going with our online workshops!

The Liberated Spine

This 10-week course gives you an introduction to the world of spine anatomy with imagery, movement & embodied anatomy for the spine. Learn exercises to strengthen your discs, joints and muscles. Learn to reduce and prevent back pain or injuries while gaining freedom of movement and flexibility in your back.

+ 10 Weekly Modules 

+ 12 educational videos plus bonus LIVE warm-up video

Eric Franklin not only gives you an introduction to the world of spine anatomy, but explains the interrelationships of function and movement, and dissolves pain through both embodiment and inner images.

+ Exercises

for a quick success with Franklin Method balls and exercise bands

Weekly Module Syllabus

Advanced Fascia Workshop: Master Your Lower Back

This is an 8-week high-level Franklin Method course that will condition your lumbar fascia, release back pain, and improve your posture through cutting edge movement and imagery.

Though the results are advanced and it’s filled with fresh tools and exercises, this course is accessible to beginners as well as advanced Franklin Method practitioners.

You’ll learn…


  • How to dissolve tension and heal your lower back
  • The most effective ways to master great posture
  • Accessible exercises to release your fascia and create flexibility
  • Simple skills to build strength from a place of ease
  • Practical application of the science behind fascia


This Advanced Fascia Workshop focuses on the lower back, thoracic lumbar fascia, and the relationship between the two. You’ll learn how these areas affect your whole body.

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