My Spine Story

Like most people, I was told all the traditional lies about my spine. In dance class, I was told I needed to flatten my spine, that movement made it weak and I needed to grip my core to support it. Ironically, the more I tried the things that I was told, the more pain I was in and the more inflexible I became. 

So, I started to look for ways to improve myself, heal my pain and optimize my potential. 

My search took me to many movement teachers, somatic systems & expert advice. 

And everything gave me clues but not the answer I was looking for. 

This was because I knew I was searching for something much more fundamental than an opinion or expert: I was looking for something that couldn’t be argued with. I was looking for the key to my freedom. 

The only way I could be fully liberated was when if discovered how I can be the best teacher and healer in the world – for myself. 

It hit me. It was me. I had to do it. I had to be an expert of myself and best healer and the only way I could do that, was to know the science. The physics. Then bring that understanding into my own body. 

I discovered that the more I took ownership of learning my healthy function, the power of my mind and scientific principles, the more I saw results that astounded me. 

My back pain and knee pain went away. My posture improved. My flexibility increased. And whats most amazing?

I was happier! I fell in love with my spine!

I remember when I felt so buoyant and joyful in my spine and I couldn’t stop walking (bouncing down the street!)

I knew I was onto something and I knew that this could be replicated because what I’d discovered was so fundamental it wasn’t limited to movement exercises or a special expert. It was something anyone and everyone could learn and become expert in. 

A spine is a spine. Physics is physics. And it’s not debatable. And that’s what made this so brilliant. 

My hungry mind lapped up the science, anatomy and physics principles while my artistic and imagery skills brought insights that danced me into my new reality. 

It’s been over 40 years since this spine journey began and I have synthesized many of these insights into the new online workshop: The Liberated Spine. This 10-week online workshop is open to everyone and provides the building blocks for a total spine make-over with Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery

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