Guidelines: FranklinMethod® Educator (FME)  Directory and Workshop Listings

We offer two listing options for our FMEs. The first is a complimentary listing of your training site, which will be included in our FME directory. The second option and for a nominal fee, is to list your FranklinMethod® (FM) workshops and other FM Events directly on our website. See details and guidelines below.

There are a few requirements necessary in order to take advantage of these offers and maintain status as a certified FME.

You must have completed the Level 1 FranklinMethod® Educator Training, as well as regular participation in our continuing education program, which is organized by the Institute of Franklin Method. Regular participation translates to the following:

A minimum of one day of continuing education (CE) per year; this can be fulfilled by attending a day of teacher training; a workshop by Eric Franklin; or by attending three, 90 minute CE-webinars presented by Eric Franklin. Please note that if these conditions are not met, we do reserve the right to remove your listing(s) immediately.

As The FranklinMethod® is an ever evolving and high quality training method; our goal is to always guarantee the highest level of training to the practitioner of The FranklinMethod®. This is not assured if a FME is not often educating him/herself in the continuing education and training program we offer. Our continuing education training events are displayed on our website. We will also regularly email newsletters to inform you about upcoming trainings, so please be sure we have all of your most current contact details.

Excluded from these CE requirements are active students who are in training at Level 2 or 3, or in professional training education.

To submit a listing of your own FM Workshops, a $20 set up fee per listing will apply. This amount is due in advance (please see special offers). Please be aware of the copyright rules regarding your flyers and website: you must add the FM logo, description and links to your website.  Once your workshop listing has been uploaded to our site please be sure to check all details! We do not accept any liability for misrepresentation.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance in maintaining the high quality of the Franklin Method®.

We look forward to continuing a mutually beneficial relationship!


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