This special event in New York City
is open to anyone with an interest in fascia embodiment.
Eric Franklin will be teaching live and in person!

This is your chance to explore the fascia of your shoulders, neck, spine and pelvis with a mind-body expert! Eric Franklin will be demonstrating cutting-edge, evidence-based embodiment practices to release your fascia and enhance your agility. This class features an array of brand-new exercises to release tension and retrain function throughout the body.

Instead of simply delivering exercises that have been around for decades and rebranded as fascia training, the Franklin Method applies tailored imagery and self-touch protocols that make an instant difference in how you move and feel. After this class, you will understand why imagery is the very best tool in your arsenal for improving movement in health. This is fascia training you can truly “experience” – taught live and in person by Eric Franklin, one of the leading lights in fascia embodiment.


Tuesday, December 13, 2022
10:00 – 17:30
@Arts On Site NYC
12 St Marks Place
New York, NY 10003
Tel: 917-267-2475

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Goals and objectives of this live workshop:

✓ Feel and move better immediately with muscle and fascia imagery

✓ Eliminate neck tension with fascial glide and self-touch

✓ Release your shoulders and gain confidence

✓ Relax your eyes and release your jaw

✓ Embody tensegrity principles to improve posture, gait and movement

✓ Improve pelvic and lumbar posture, free yourself from lower back tension and pain

✓ Lengthen your spine without tension, deepen your breath

Please note that accommodation, travel, books, food and drink, internet costs, or any other additional expenses incurred are not included in the price of this workshop. We recommend concluding an appropriate insurance policy to cover any possible cancellation in case of illness etc.

This live workshop is for your own personal enrichment and leisure, and the event price doesn’t include a Franklin Method License.


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