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“The Franklin Training is the most intelligent approach to learning about the workings of the body I have ever attended. It is not just information, it is the experience of our design as we learn, that is transforming”.

Tom McCook

Master Instructor of Pilates & CoreAlign for Balanced Body

Eric is leading live streaming workshops for anyone to participate in, no matter where you are!


Healthy Lungs, Heart & Kidneys

Live Stream Workshop: Healthy Lungs, Heart & Kidneys 

Our organs are crucial for the longevity of the whole body and their condition is extremely important for our immune system. They not only have physiological functions such transformation and regeneration, but they also play an important role in our posture and mobility. Despite how important they are, they have been hardly considered in our western world when it comes to physical training.Join Franklin Method Founder, Eric Franklin for a two hour live stream workshop where he gives you imagery, exercises and education for your lungs, heart & kidneys. 

In this 2-hour webinar you’ll learn:

  • How embodiment will improve your mood & boost your immune system.
  • How to create a feeling of openness and space in your upper body.
  • How to relieve tension in your back, neck and shoulders and improve the posture of your the spine.
  • How to improve blood flow to your heart and kidneys.
  • How to optimize the longevity of your heart.
  • How to increase your breathing capacity.
  • How to improve heart function by exercising the diaphragm and chest.
  • How to promote pulmonary cleansing and thus strengthen breathing capabilities.
  • How to improve the elasticity and blood flow to your lungs.

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Free Hips & Balanced Psoas

(Replay) Live Stream Workshop: Free Hips & Balanced Psoas

In this live stream workshop with Eric Franklin, He will give you an awareness of your psoas and hips to promote a balanced pelvis and spine, you will experience a free lower back and improved mobility in your hip joints.

  • The coordination of the hip joint and psoas – for better posture and more efficient movement
  • How the fascia of the psoas, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor interact dynamically
  • Effective (anti-arthritis) exercises for a healthy and free hip joint
  • Learn to stretch the psoas properly – for optimal strength and flexibility
  • Exercises to combat a “snapping hip” to center the femoral head in the joint
  • How to free the sacroiliac joint from pain with a balanced psoas and piriformis
  • The updated scientific status on the actual function of the psoas / iliacus
  • Freedom in your hip joint!


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Healthy Discs, Pain Free Back

(Replay) Live Stream Workshop: Healthy Discs, Pain Free Back

In this live stream workshop with Eric Franklin, you will develop positive imagery by learning to understand the function starting on the inside. 

Using imagery paired with embodied and functional movement, we will achieve optimal coordination and the balanced training of the surrounding muscles and joints.

  • Free yourself from pain and tension, with movement and imagery.
  • Exercise your lumbar fascia for looseness in the back
  • Improve the “mood” of your back and the whole body
  • For optimal posture: harmonize the curves of the spine
  • Learn exercises for your back and spine
  • Pain, tension and stiffness become a thing of the past!

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Flexible Ribcage, Free Lungs

Live Stream Workshop: Flexible Ribcage, Free Lungs

Good breathing strengthens the immune system and lifts the mood. A flexible chest and an adaptable lungs are prerequisites for good breathing.

In this live stream workshop with Eric Franklin, you’ll learn how to free and organize your chest and lungs in a short amount of time.

We use: movement, self-touch and imagery (in the form of metaphors or experienced anatomy).

This live streaming workshop includes brand new exercises and fresh content so even if you’ve experienced every Franklin Method workshop, you’ll still learn new things!

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Disclaimer: The workshops are full of great movement, anatomy and imagery education but they do not have the same level of information or learning as a teacher training course. Taking these only workshops does not certify you to become a licensed Franklin Method Educator and while full of great body and life changing info, they don’t even touch the sheer amount of education you acquire in a live teacher training. They are the tip of the learning iceberg so to speak. To learn more about the live experience you can read more information here.  (all live training experiences also include an online learning element)

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