Get certified to teach!

To become a Franklin Method® Trainer or Educator, you first have to graduate one of our teacher training courses. As part of your graduation pack, you then receive a Franklin Method® License – and this certifies you to teach the Franklin Method® content you have learned.

Our licensing system is very straightforward:

1 Graduate from a teacher training course and gain your license (valid until the end of the following year)

2 Renew your license on expiry by:
– Participating in a teacher training course or CE class (see the buttons below for your current options) – this incudes your license fee and extends the license until the end of the following year
– Covering the license fee as a stand-alone payment – this extends your license until the end of the current year

Important: We also request that our educators attend a Franklin Method® teacher training course or continuing education workshop every two years to qualify for license renewal. This could be a 3-day, 10-day or 21-day course. This ensures that your teaching toolbox is always up to date.

Please note that the Franklin Method® license only certifies you to teach the content and workshops that you learned in your teacher training course(s).

How much does the license cost?

The license fee is included in the price of your teacher training course, and this initial license is valid until the end of the following year. You are also welcome to cover your license for a one-off payment of $150 per year.

What’s included in the license?
  • Qualification to teach Franklin Method® content previously learned at a Franklin Method® teacher training course
  • A listing of your contact details on the Franklin Method® website
  • A listing of your Franklin Method® workshops and weekly courses on the Franklin Method® website
  • Access to marketing tools on the Franklin Method® website
  • Access to the Educator Membership Area & Educator-only Store
  • 50% off all online workshops*
  • 25% off webinars and webinar replays
  • 20% off Fascia Trainer courses

How long is my license valid and how do I renew it?

When you receive your license from a teacher training course, it will be valid until the end of the following year. Example: Graduating the Pelvic Floor Fascia Trainer course in February 2024 provides you with a Franklin Method® license until December 31, 2025.

If your license expires and is not renewed, you lose the authorization to teach any Franklin Method content.

Is the license included in my teacher training course?

Yes, graduation from one of our teacher training courses grants you a license. This license is valid through until December 31 of the following year. After that, your license is due for renewal annually.

Do I need multiple licenses for multiple teacher training courses?

No! You only need one single Franklin Method® license to cover all of your teaching content, no matter how many different courses you attend.

I haven’t attended a teacher training in the last two years, what should I do?

You could attend an upcoming 3-day training or attend one of the continuing education workshops on sale in the Educator store. A license may still be granted under special circumstances. Please contact our team so we can discuss the possibilities:

What content am I licensed to teach?

You are licensed to teach any content and workshops you learn in your teacher training courses. Please refer to your course notes or contact us if you are unsure.

Important: A license does not certify you to teach content from Franklin Method® classes intended for personal development (such as our online workshops or webinars), or content from teacher training courses you have not attended personally.

What happens if I don’t renew my license?

You are only permitted to use the Franklin Method® for commercial purposes with a valid license.

Without a valid license, you are no longer entitled to be listed as a Franklin Method® Trainer or Educator. As a result, you would no longer be permitted to advertise using the Franklin Method® name or images. All Educator/Trainer benefits would also be discontinued, including the 50% store discount, access to CE courses and our Educator community.

Disregarding this would constitute an infringement against trademark laws and could be punished with a financial penalty of up to  10,000 CHF.


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