***The Franklin Method® may only be used commercially with a valid license ***

Starting 2018, our improved licensing system will come into implementation. This license system ensures the quality of the Franklin Method® worldwide.

The Franklin Method® has existed for 30 years and has undergone massive changes, improvements and advancements during this period. In order to take these developments into account, continue with advancements and to preserve the high quality of the Franklin Method®, this system will be introduced from 2018 onwards.

Starting January 2019, there will be only licensed Franklin Method® trainers, course instructors and physical education teachers (simplified: FM Trainer or FM Educator), who will continue to train and meet the high standards of this method.

What are the basic conditions for obtaining a Franklin Method educator license?
  1. Graduated from training as a trainer, trainer or movement educator of the Franklin Method®
  2. Annual license renewal (license fee)
  3. Participation in a continuing education every two years
What is included in the license fee?
  • The License to use the trademark to teach such courses, for which an education was successfully completed, until December 31st of the following year; or from January 1st until December 31st respectively, whichever is longer;
  • Listing the Licensee’s address, License number, and corresponding educations on the Licensor’s website;
  • Listing workshops and weekly courses of the Licensees on the Licensor’s website;
  • Marketing tools as specified on the Licensor’s website;
  • Newsletter updates for Franklin-Method® Licensees;
  • Yearly membership to Educator Membership Area
  • Yearly membership to the Educator Only Store
  • 50% off all general online courses for Franklin-Method® Licensee holders (this does not include educator only online courses, online CEC replays or specialty courses)
  • 10% discount off of future training for Franklin-Method® Licensee holders. (this discount does not take effect until 2019)
  • Included for 1+ year at module completion (for example, completion 03/2018 -> license expiration 12/2019)
How do I renew my license?

The license is valid until December 31st. of each year and can be extended by paying the license fee while fulfilling the training requirements.

Submit the application for renewal of the license for the following year here: Renew license

Is the license included in the training?

Upon successful completion of the training you will receive a license to use the brand and to teach the courses for which the course has been successfully completed. The license and fee is included in the training costs until December 31st, of the following year, after which the annual license becomes renewable and is subject to the continuing education requirements.

I missed attending a training course within the last two years, what should I do?

A license may be renewed under special circumstances (if it has not been used for more than two years). Please contact our team so that we can discuss the possibilities with you: info@franklinmethod.com

How is the license verified?

Starting January 2o19, FM trainers are required to list their FM trainer title along with the license number on their websites, in the signature and in tenders. A regular review takes place.

i.e. licensed movement pedagogue Franklin Method® Level 1 (license number: FMxxxxx) or licensed Franklin-Methode® Pelvic Trainer (license number: FMxxxxx)

Certified FM trainers can be found and tested here: Find FM Trainer

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