Liberate your ribcage for a happier spine – Franklin Method®

Did you know that sternum, spine, pelvis and rib cage must be balanced in relation to each other for the spine to support  the head efficiently, releasing excess tensions in the neck and shoulders?

Today we libarate your ribcage while imagine your ribs are yawning!

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  • lynelle sjoberg

    Thank you…I love your work …have some of your books…hope to meet and study with you some day!

  • lorraine bernais

    these reminders are wonderful! THANK YOU!

  • Doris Wakeman

    Thank-you, really wonderful to hear about the ribs.

  • Kathryn Jordan

    Another great video, thanks. Discovering that imagery works so well for me has been a joy and having these drop into my mailbox is such a pleasure.

  • Lora Pavilack

    Helped me a ton while working on the computer this morning!!! Thanks Eric. Hope you are doing fabulous. 🙂

  • Ann Crammond

    So pleased to review this today! Teaching a Franklin Method Spine class next week at Golden Pilates. The participants are going to have a new and wonderful relationship with their Rib
    Cage and Spine!


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