Laura A. Hames Franklin was a dancer, Franklin Method Educator, mentor, coach and loving wife to Eric Franklin. She sadly passed away in early 2021. Laura brought positive change to so many people during her time on Earth, and we hope her legacy can continue to change lives through this scholarship program moving forward.

Laura loved helping people reach their full potential. That’s why this scholarship has been set up in her name.

We fund Franklin Method education for aspiring teachers from all backgrounds and disciplines.


Laura was a truly unforgettable person, bursting with energy and passion, and a source of wondrous inspiration for those around her. Originally trained as a dancer and Franklin Method educator, Laura mastered the mind-body connection like few others. She went on to dedicate her work to sharing this understanding and helping people achieve their dream in life.

Over the course of her career, she taught, inspired and coached thousands of people – helping every one of them lead their best life and fulfil their true potential.

Her untimely passing in early 2021 caused an outpouring of emotion around the world, revealing the extraordinary number of lives Laura touched during her time with us.

The LAHF scholarship now established in her name is dedicated to continuing her work of helping others turn their dreams into reality.


This scholarship program is dedicated to supporting the development of movement educators and physical therapists with a passion for embodiment. In step with Franklin Method’s holistic approach to anatomy, this scholarship program is open to everyone! We have 12 spots available for full support, and 6 spots offering 50% support on Franklin Method Level 1 Educator training.

Though we won’t be asking you for your financial background, this program is essentially intended to help those lacking the necessary means to otherwise gain a Franklin Method education. In particular, we are keen to facilitate access for people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities


Enrollment to this life-changing program includes:

  • 21 days of live training with Eric Franklin and the FM Faculty

  • Bonus online workshops: Pelvic Power 1&2, Liberated Spine and Intro to Anatomy

  • Detailed training manuals

  • An assigned Faculty mentor and 6 monthly mentor sessions with your mentor group

  • Full certification as an L1 Educator

  • FM license through until the end of 2023

Get all the details on our course page:


In return for your scholarship, all we ask is that you chart and share your personal Level 1 journey on your social media channels, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok. We will support you in this endeavor however we can, but it is important that you have a social media channel that you actively post to and manage. After each module, we would like you to post a video and make a short post about what you’ve learned and your takeaways from the training module. All you have to do is tag/link our Franklin Method account and you’re done.


We just need one thing from you if you’d like to apply:

Send us a 3-5 minute video application
introducing yourself, your work and answering the question:
‘How would a Franklin Method Education impact your career?’

…and that’s it! No prior Franklin Method or teaching experience is required, and we do not require any information about your qualifications or financial means. It is, however, important that you have a social media channel promoting your work on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Eric Franklin and the Franklin Method Institute will then select the applicants to receive an FM scholarship for Level 1.

– Closing date for applications was Friday, December 10, 11:59pm Zurich time! –
– Selected recipients will then be announced on Friday, December 17. –


(Full terms & conditions provided with the scholarship agreement following successful application)

  1. The scholarship includes the full or 50% coverage of the course tuition fee, but it does not include equipment or any additional fees due for support material, such as bones, material for teaching props, books, etc. Ensuring personal access to attend the course (e.g. a computer and internet connection) is the responsibility of the scholarship recipient and not included in the scholarship.

  2. Scholarship recipients are expected to treat the course like fully paying students. They are also receiving a spot in place of a fully paying student, as numbers are limited. As a result, if a scholarship recipient drops out of the training, doesn’t meet the attendance requirements, complete their homework or attend their mentor meetings in an acceptable amount, the full amount granted will be owed to the Franklin Method Institute by the scholarship recipient.

  3. The scholarship includes the Franklin Method license fee through until 31.12.2023. After that date, the recipient shall be responsible for paying their license fee themselves. This is a voluntary fee but one that is due annually to maintain the right to teach Franklin Method content and use the Franklin Method name for promotion.

  4. The scholarship recipient’s sharing of their Franklin Method journey on social media is a key prerequisite for this scholarship. The recipient’s commitment to this is expected to be consistently high throughout the course, and the Franklin Method Institute reserves the right to monitor and evaluate this. To this end, recipients are asked to share all FM-related posts and stories with the Institute on a continuous basis for evaluation.

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