Katra Kodela

Her interest in the individual as a psycho-physical whole draws her in various directions: towards observation and analysis on one hand and towards action and expression through movement on the other. In her school days, she was an active athlete, competing in sports dancing. She studied karate in high school, only to later return to dancing, this time to contemporary dance, and to theatre, which she is still doing today. As a dancer, she experienced the meaning of a healthy connection to one’s body and of its functionally healthy use.

She learned about anatomy and biomechanics at the Franklin Method Institute®, where she completed a 3-year course (2005–2008). In 2007, she became a Pilates Instructor (Stott Pilates). Her free time is spent actively as well: she is a skier, swimmer, ice skater, yoga practitioner, fire juggler, and also loves taiji.
She still studies regularly: at the Franklin Summit Berlin for instructors (2007), Hawkins&Franklin methods (Vienna, 2008), Taiji Shan (Ljubljana, 2009), Qigong workshop (Ljubljana, 2009), Franklin Refreshing for instructors (Dusseldorf, 2009), Body&Mind Convention (Zagreb, 2009), Taijiquan and Qigong workshop (Poreč, 2009).


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