Having a healthy heart is more than just diet and aerobic exercise. Go deeper to explore, experience and know on a substantive level how to help your heart.

The Heart Revolution online course will CHANGE your heart, CHANGE your body by CHANGING your mind. 

Your health, your mood, your posture, even your flexibility will soar to new heights. The seat of your highest emotions wants to experience the heart’s mobility, wants to feel how it dances between the lungs and its ride up and down on the diaphragm with each breath. Dive into this transformative experience and live what you are in your deepest expression.

What is the Franklin Approach?

The Franklin Method Approach can be applied to any movement to improve it’s function. Our goal is to create happy minds & healthy bodies through anatomical embodiment and Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI)™

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We are all producers of our state of being:

an Introduction to Mind/Body