A free 60-minute webinar on effective pelvic floor training with Eric Franklin

The Franklin Method is a unique approach to embodiment built on a profound understanding of human anatomy paired with decades of experience developing movement and imagery techniques that are proven to work. Class teacher and FM Founder Eric Franklin has spent years exploring ways of improving pelvic floor health – an area of key importance in the body and a problem point for many people. He believes the use of imagery is a powerful tool for training the pelvic floor in a variety of ways.

In this free 60-minute webinar, Eric will show you:

  • Why imagery improves the outcome of pelvic floor training
  • How to apply imagery to activate and tone as well as imagery to release tension
  • How to differentiate between fascia training and muscle training in the pelvis
  • How to reach different layers of the pelvic floor
  • How to correctly use aids, such as balls and bands
  • Eric’s dos and don’ts of pelvic floor training


Discover how the Franklin Method and the power of visualization
can positively influence all forms of pelvic floor training.


Who could benefit from this class?

Everyone is invited to attend this free live class and practice with Eric! No prior knowledge of the Franklin Method or pelvic floor required. Everyone can benefit from training their pelvic floor in this effective and easily applicable way.

This class will be particularly beneficial to movement teachers – this webinar offers a taste of what Franklin Method teaching is all about and how it can be paired with other movement disciplines for the benefit of your students. This one is highly recommended for teachers of Pilates, yoga, dance or any other movement discipline.


Sign up below for our free webinar on Thursday, August 18th
@9am PST / 12pm EST / 6pm Zurich:

✓ Combining effective movement with the right imagery tools is a vital factor in achieving peak performance in sport and fitness, as well as for leading a healthy, fulfilled life.

✓ The best bit: Mental imagery is always available to every one of us, and it can be adjusted to fit any situation. It improves power and flexibility, motivation and confidence, and it costs NOTHING!

*Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI)™ forms the backbone of the Franklin Method – this is the use of metaphorical mental imagery to support the development of healthy physical function, strength, mobility and coordination.


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