Imagery for a Healthy Sidebend in Yoga

A few weeks ago I posted a video lesson to help you attain a healthy backbend in Yoga using Imagery. This week I have a video lesson for you to show you Imagery for a Healthy Side Bend in Yoga. A side bend is also used in Dance, Sports training, Pilates and in many other movement modalities, so let’s talk about the healthiest way to perform this motion.

As my prior videos, this video will start out with a short overview of anatomy: focusing on your pelvis and sacrum. With the news lately about how Yoga can affect your pelvis , I am excited to share with you these keys to performing a side bend and backbend in a safe way using imagery and anatomical knowledge.

Watch, and feel free to discuss in the comments!

More news:

pretty fanWe announced the dates of our 2016/2017 Level 1 Teacher Training in New York City!

You will learn:

  • Dynamic Imagery for rapid improvement in movement
  • How to feel great in your body, in minutes and how to teach that skill to others
  • Practical insights into the embodiment of function; from biomechanical synchronism to movement excellence.
  • How to train to go from average to outstanding.
  • Effective and fun exercise series using Franklin Balls & Bands


Training includes:

  • 21 days of intensive learning, spread over one year for your convenience.
  • One set of Franklin method balls
  • One Franklin Method Blue Band
  • Exclusive access to Interactive Training Facebook Group
  • Immediate access to the Training Membership Online Page with tools that include the Pelvic Power 1 & 2 online courses, Mind Body online course and the educator only online course: Franklin Method Principles. Get access to the page and courses immediately after registration. 


Register to become a certified Franklin Method Educator here


We have also announced the date LIVE webinar for the Breathing for Life online course. There will also be a replay available for those that can’t make the live version. The Webinar will be held on April 20th. Haven’t join the online course yet? Register now and you can join us for the LIVE webinar: here:


Here is what we have in store for you, in this 10 week online workshop: 

We will use imagery and embodiment of  the design, structure and movements of the diaphragm, ribs, lungs, abdominal muscles. You will also learn how they can work together to strengthen and free up both body and mind. With easy-to-do imagery, touch, voice and movement exercises; we will explore the mechanics and physiology of breathing. We will explore the dynamic three-dimensional patterns of breathing involving muscles, bones and organs. Register here

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