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Training Plan

Heart Revolution Training Plan

Welcome to the 8-week course: Heart Revolution!

Each week (every seven 24 hour days) a new lesson will be dispersed to you,  you should receive an email to notify you that your next lesson is ready for you. This sequence starts after you access the first weeks course.

Don’t just watch, but experience it yourself!

Putting what you learn in practice and integrating into your daily life, will change your life.

We have two ways to help you do that:

  • Solidify what you learn with weekly interactive exams after each module. Miss an answer? We will have the correct answers at the end of the quiz.
  • Incorporate imagery and movement into your daily life. One tool that may be helpful to you is to print out the blank tracking worksheet and put it to a visible place in your home or workplace to track your progress and growth during the courses. It only takes a few seconds to fill this out on a daily basis and it will give you a mindful and accurate picture of your progress. You will notice that even just after a few weeks, the imagery will become clearer, your flexibility greater, and you will have a more accurate body awareness. The numbers from 0 to 10 on the Y axis are how satisfied are you with your performance for the day: The 0 stands for “not at all”, the 10 stands for “very satisfied”. Also, as part of the course, each week includes an interactive questionnaire worksheet with questions drawn from each video, to help solidify the information that you are learning. You can fill in the weekly questionnaire by clicking into the downloaded file or printing it out.

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Have fun!


Eric Franklin


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What does the Heart Revolution Course include?

  • 9 Videos
  • 8 Weekly Emails & 8 Interactive Worksheets
  • Participation Certificate
  • Lifetime Access

When do the courses start? After you register for the Heart Revolution online course, no matter when you register, you will receive instant access to the first week of your course. Every week you will receive an email alerting you that access is available for the newest week.

Do I need any materials before I start the course? To fully experience the course you will need a Franklin Method ball and band. You can order them here.

Where do I access the course module after purchasing? After purchasing you will be redirected to the registration page. Please do not close out before being redirected. If you miss this step, please email us at to register you manually.

How long will the course be available online? You will have lifetime access for unlimited views of the videos as long as the technology exists for online videos and for the lifetime of our website on the world wide internet.

Are the videos available for download, or just for streaming? The videos are not available for download, but they are available for streaming.

Can I view the videos on my mobile phone or tablet?  Yes, all videos can be viewed with Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as all standard laptop and desktop computers (both PC and MAC). You will need stable, high-speed Internet connections, and in some countries it may be best to use a LAN line.

I have access to week 1 but cannot view any other weeks. When will I have access to the other modules?  A week after registering and gaining access to the first week, you will receive an email alerting you that access to the next week is available. You can log in at any time to watch the videos, and every week you will be granted access to the next week of courses.

Why aren’t all of the videos made available to me at once? The reason we extend the release of each additional week’s course, is we believe that the course materials are best reviewed thoroughly before moving on to the next.

Is this course eligible for credit towards ACE or other continuing education programs?  You will receive a participation certificate. This participation may be used to facilitate CE with your organization. However, this participation certificate does not certify you as a Franklin Method educator or give you the ability to teach Franklin Method Workshops. Please email us for more information at you can learn more about our teacher educator program here:

What is the length and listing of the video component of this online course?

see video list below:

Heart Revolution Course List

Week 1 

We are all producers of our state of being Introduction to Mind/Body: 20 Minutes 

Healthy Mood = Happy Heart: 22 minutes and 58 seconds

Week 2 

The Heart: Function and Location: 18 Minutes and 40 seconds

Week 3

The Heart as a Joint: 22 Minutes and 55 Seconds

Week 4 

The Heart Goes Along for the Ride: 18 Minutes

Week 5 

The structure of the heart: 27 Minutes and 41 seconds

Week 6 

The Sounds of the Heart – What Creates the Lub-Dub?: 18 Minutes and 27 seconds

Week 7

Putting it all together – the movements and rhythm of the heart: 20 Minutes

Review of all You can do to Embody the Heart

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Training Function with Anatomy, Movement & Imagery: The Franklin Method