Healthy Lungs, Heart & Kidneys

Our organs are crucial for the longevity of the whole body and their condition is extremely important for our immune system. Our organs not only have physiological functions such transformation and regeneration, but they also play an important role in our posture and mobility. Despite how important they are, they have been hardly considered in our western world when it comes to physical training.

The heart is the key to our physical and emotional life.

Keeping the heart healthy is not just about eating healthy and exercising enough. Our posture, flexibility as well as physical and mental relaxation are also keys to a healthy heart.

The kidney takes care of our inner balance and cleans 45 liters of blood per hour.

The length of their vessels would almost make it around the planet. It is therefore important for our immunity and health to care for our kidneys.

The lungs have an area of ​​80 meters squared and 500 million alveoli .

This area must be constantly cleaned for healthy, efficient breathing. In this webinar we learn to strengthen the immune system of the lungs, how the lungs help with cleaning and how we increase their elasticity.

In this 2-hour webinar you’ll learn:

  • How embodiment will improve your mood & boost your immune system.

  • How to create a feeling of openness and space in your upper body.

  • How to relieve tension in your back, neck and shoulders and improve the posture of your the spine.

  • How to improve blood flow to your heart and kidneys.

  • How to optimize the longevity of your heart.

  • How to increase your breathing capacity.

  • How to improve heart function by exercising the diaphragm and chest.

  • How to promote pulmonary cleansing and thus strengthen breathing capabilities.

  • How to improve the elasticity and blood flow to your lungs.

Replay – Healthy Lungs, Heart & Kidneys


  • Live Stream Class with Eric Franklin

  • 2 hours in length

  • includes:

    • 3 Month Access to video replay

    • Downloadable Poster Packet with 5 printable posters – PDF

    • Exercise Reference Sheet –  PDF

    • Complimentary access to an excerpt from online workshop “Heart Revolution”

    • Discount of $20 off the next upcoming webinar!

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