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Your Feet take you around your world. It’s time to give them something. It’s time to make them happy. Learn how to have Happy Feet for LIFE.

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Happy Feet Online Course launched June 21st, 2017!

Happy Feet = A Happy Body

Our feet propel us through life and are our foundation to the earth. How we take care of them can have a huge impact on how we move, our flexibility and how we feel. Happy feet will positively effect any type of dance, exercise or movement:

  • Improve your balance and eliminate low back tightness and pain
  • Experience improved function of your lower leg and foot
  • Learn exercises to keep your feet fit and flexible

During this online course/workshop you will find out how the foot functions as both a support and a propulsion device. You’ll explore the bone rhythms of the foot and learn self-touch. You will also experience imagery exercises that will increase the health, flexibility and vitality of your foot. Filled with fun foot facts this Franklin Method® online course will find your feet feeling refreshed and happy.

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About Eric Franklin

Eric Franklin is the founder and director of the Franklin Method. He created the Method over 25 years ago, first teaching in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and further in the USA, China, Japan and many other countries. He earned his BS from the University of Zurich and his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Eric teaches at universities and schools throughout the world including the Juilliard School in New York, Rutgers University, the University of Vienna, the Royal Ballet School and the Laban Center in London. He has taught Beyonce’s & Celine Dion’s world tour dance companies.  In 1998 he introduced the first dance conditioning methodology to mainland China.
Eric presents his work at numerous conferences, such as the World Congress for Lower Back and Pelvic Pain, the Pilates Method Alliance and the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science. Eric Franklin is author 21 books, including of Dynamic Alignment through Imagery (2012), Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance (2013), Relax your Neck – Liberate your Shoulders (2002), Pelvic Power (2003), Inner Focus, Outer Strength (2006) and Beautiful Body, Beautiful Mind (2009). Eric Franklin’s books have been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, French, Czech, Chinese and Korean.

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