Hip pain? Snapping or popping hips? Painful sacroiliac joint?

Hollow or arched back?

Free Hips  &  Balanced Psoas

The psoas is one of the most important muscles that surrounds the lumbar spine. With an arched, sway or hollow back, the psoas is often shortened and tense.

This workshop will give you an awareness of your psoas and hips to promote a balanced pelvis and spine, you will experience a free lower back and improved mobility in your hip joints.

Increased Power and Stability in your “True Core”

In this 2 hour live streaming workshop, with Franklin Method Founder Eric Franklin, you will learn:

      • The coordination of the hip joint and psoas – for better posture and more efficient movement

      • How the fascia of the psoas, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor interact dynamically

      • Effective (anti-arthritis) exercises for a healthy and free hip joint

      • Learn to stretch the psoas properly – for optimal strength and flexibility

      • Exercises to combat a “snapping hip” to center the femoral head in the joint

      • How to free the sacroiliac joint from pain with a balanced psoas and piriformis

      • The updated scientific status on the actual function of the psoas / iliacus

      • Freedom in your hip joint!

LIVE in your living room on Wednesday May 6th, 2020

10:00 AM NYC Time/ 7:00 AM PST / 16:00 Zurich time

Replay – Free Hips, Balanced Psoas Webinar


  • Live Stream Class with Eric Franklin

  • 2 hours in length

  • includes:

    • 3 Month Access to video replay

    • Complimentary access to 30 min dance band workout

    • Downloadable Poster Packet with 5 printable posters – PDF

    • Exercise Reference Sheet –  PDF

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