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  • The steps and tools to create consistent positive change in yourself and your clients.
  • How to Help people move better in a systematic, easily approachable manner
  • What the mind body connection really is and how to teach this to any audience.
  • How embodiment will reinvigorate your teaching and improve your own function
  • How to feel great in your body in minutes and how to teach that skill to others.
  • Master the best cuing skills for successful and enjoyable teaching.
  • Practical insights into the embodiment of function; from biomechanical synchronization to movement excellence.
  • to to teach several Franklin Method exclusive workshops and weekly classes.  

Introducing our latest Teacher Training Opportunity:  

Become A Franklin Method Pelvic Power Instructor in 10 days!


London, UK

MARCH 14-18 (PART 1)   &  JUNE 20-24, 2018 (PART 2)

New York City, NY

APRIL 25TH – 29TH (PART 1) & JUNE 5-10TH (PART 2)

Madrid, Spain

JUN 27-JUL 1, 2018 (PART 1) & SEPT 19-23 (PART 2)


The Training Includes:

• 10-days training with Franklin Method Founder, Eric Franklin & FM faculty

• Franklin Method® Pelvic Power Instructor certificate

• Online educator tools: Franklin Method® principles, Pelvic Power online program, introduction into dynamic imagery & human anatomy

• Franklin Method® Pelvic course manual

• PMA CEC Credits will be available

• First booked module includes set of original Franklin Method balls as well as a Franklin-Band

• Start booking workshops & classes right away

Learn More & Register here:  

  • “The Franklin method will do more to improve your teaching of any kind of movement than any other system or program I have studied. If you want to become the best teacher you can be, take this program.”

    Nora St. John Balanced Body

 Modular Training Format

The module system is a new,  holistic way of learning the Franklin Method. There are two stages to the module system. Stage 1 consists of four topic-specific modules. Each of these four modules completes with a Franklin Method Instructor certificate for that topic. The completion of each individual module enables you to teach the companion workshops with a valid license to your own audience. You can start off with any module of your choice.  Stage 2 consists of an optional build-up module that ends with you being certified as a Franklin-Method® Educator (gold-license).

You will learn about each topic, such as the pelvis all at the same time: the pelvic joints, bones, muscles and fascia.

You can start teaching the pelvic workshops after you graduate from the 10-day pelvic module. After you graduate from each module, you can start incorporating it into your education practice. Each module is made of level 1 & Level 2 material for that topic.

You’ll have video assignments to enrich your practical teaching experience and give you more confidence when you finish the program. You will also have online exams and online exam prep.

Learn More About The Modular System

Traditional Level 1-3 System

Our traditional training is the Franklin Method™ Teacher Training Course that contains 3 levels.

  1. Introductory
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

We also have a new modular style training that is topic based, with shorter training modules.

Introductory Level (Year One)

In year one you will learn about the basics of Dynamic Neuro- Cognitive Imagery™  in all its applications. Especially the bone-rhythms of the body and how the bones naturally move inside your body to produce efficient and effortless movement. Plus, we cover fundamentals such as biomechanics, posture and breathing. At the end of the course you receive a certificate and the right to teach a trio of the introductory workshops: Basic Introduction to Imagery, Pelvic Power and Healthy Spine.

Intermediate Level (Year Two)

In year two you will deepen your knowledge of the muscular system, learn how to useDynamic Neuro- Cognitive Imagery™ to facilitate muscles, how to use touch to affect a change in muscle tension, all the ins and outs of strength, stretching and endurance training. Upon completion you will receive a Dynamic Neuro- Cognitive Imagery™ certificate and the right to teach a series of workshops like a Psoas class, a ball and Thera-Band® class and a Foot class.

Advanced Level (Year Three)

In year three we cover the inner anatomy, where you will deepen your insight and experience of all the systems of the body: nervous system, cardio vascular, immune system and lymphatic system. You will learn how to use Dynamic Neuro- Cognitive Imagery™ to affect positive change and experience full organic support. We combine the information of the bone rhythms, the muscle interactions and the organs into a whole. Upon completion you will receive a certificate and the right to teach a number of topic related workshops. Note that you can take the introductory level by itself. You can add on the Intermediate Level or take the whole program as your interest and desire dictates. We like to point out that in these trainings you receive information, which you not so much are to get as to become. Thus the common asked question why not just do year one, we leave that possibility open but most students experience a deepening of their experience of the material as they go on with year 2 and 3.

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