Do you have difficulty breathing at night ?

Experience Asthma , allergies or sinusitis , which make your breathing difficult?

Are you breathing too shallowly, suffering  from nervousness and restlessness ?

Then this webinar is for you:

Flexible Rib cage, Free lungs

for  Health and Relaxation

Good breathing strengthens the immune system and lifts the mood. A flexible chest and an adaptable lungs are prerequisites for good breathing.

In this live stream workshop with Eric Franklin, you’ll learn how to free and organize your chest and lungs in a short amount of time.

We use: movement, self-touch and imagery (in the form of metaphors or experienced anatomy).

This live streaming workshop includes brand new exercises and fresh content so even if you’ve experienced every Franklin Method workshop, you’ll still learn new things!

(REPLAY) Live Stream Workshop: Flexible Ribcage, Free Lungs

Take advantage of these health benefits now….

  • Uplift your mood and experience positive serenity

  • promote healthy circulation for you and your heart

  • Improve your endurance and enjoy a restful sleep

  • Relax tension

  • Learn rib, chest, and spine exercises

  • Learn about the coordination of breathing and abdominal muscles

  • Improve the mobility of the organ joints in the thorax

  • Get to know the correct rib movement when breathing

  • Maximize the full use and potential of your lungs

REPLAY – Flexible Ribcage, Free Lungs for Health & Relaxation


  • Live Stream Workshop replay with Eric Franklin

  • 3 Month Access to Full Replay.

  • 2 hours in length

  • includes complimentary access to “Sit to be Fit”  4 week online workshop

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