Eric Franklin is dedicated to sharing his transformative methods with people around globe. Yoga, Pilates and fitness coaches worldwide swear by the Franklin Method® as it accelerates training gains and puts the fun back into movement. It also paves the way for rapid improvements in posture, flexibility and coordination.

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“Fit Feet”


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Our feet carry us hundreds of thousands of kilometers over the course of a lifetime, but despite this crucial role, most people are still completely unaware of their ingenious anatomical design. A plethora of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles work together in perfect harmony to help us walk, adapt to terrain, dance and jump. Our feet even serve as a sensory organ and play a vital role in our sense of balance.

This two-hour webinar is intended to help you tangibly experience the function of your feet and forge a fresh understanding and connection with them moving forward – a relationship built on wellbeing, stability, power and coordination.

This 2-hour webinar covers:

  • Understanding and embodying the anatomy of the feet
  • Imagery for agile, coordinated and stable feet
  • Boosting elasticity for a more efficient gait
  • Increasing your jumping power
  • Exercises for developing better balance and a relaxed posture
  • How to strengthen the muscles and fascia of the foot
  • Exercises for healthy plantar fascia and Achilles tendon

Replay: Fit Feet


  • Webinar Replay with Eric Franklin
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Includes:
    • 3 Month access to video replay
    • Poster Package with 5 downloadable & printable posters – PDF
    • Exercise Reference Sheet –  PDF

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