What are the benefits of becoming a Franklin Method™ teacher?

There are three main benefits of becoming a Franklin Method™ teacher:

  • You become proficient in the use of imagery, the number one body/mind skill.
  • You become a better educator by applying our unique method of pedagogy.
  • You become better at spotting trouble areas in your students and have a wide spectrum of options to facilitate positive change.
Why attend all three years and not just year one?

We have 75% of our students continue on our programs and they tell us that apart from the new information and skills they aquire, they experience a deepening of the information and the their personal embodiment of the material.

How do I teach The Franklin Method™ once qualified?

Through teaching workshops and classes in the topics you are certified to teach.

Who can call themselves a Franklin Method™ teacher?

We call our graduates ‘Franklin Method™ educators Level 1’ after completing the first year, ‘Franklin Method™ Educator Level 2’ after the second, resulting in ‘Franklin Method™ Educator’ after successfully completing year 3. We also select students to become Teacher Trainers for the Franklin Method™, who will then continue their education and teach at our Teacher Training courses and workshops. After year 1 and 2 you can teach certain workshops of the Franklin Method™ as a Franklin Method™ teacher in training.

Once qualified, what support do you provide after the course?

There are national associations in some countries. We have an office in Switzerland and provide support and exposure via our website within our capacity. Click here to find out more.


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