Marketing Tools for Certified Franklin Method® Educators

There are several ways that we can support you after your completion of the Level 1 (BASIC) or Level 3 teacher training program of the Franklin Method®:

  • You can register your training facility address by submitting a complimentary listing to our FME directory on our website under FM Educators. In order to maintain the high quality standards of the FranklinMethod®, this registration can happen only under certain conditions.
    • You can also list your FranklinMethod Workshops FREE on our website.

Registration Links

Regarding copyright, you can use pictures from Eric Franklin’s books for teaching purposes; however, it is important to mark any pictures and/or phrases/book titles with:

  • Illustration Usage
    • The source of the illustration (for Example “Dynamic Alignment, Eric Franklin”)
    • The copyright “© Eric Franklin”
    • A watermark “© Franklin Method” must be placed over the whole illustration


  • Excerpts from books written by Eric Franklin must only be used with reference to the source. If there is any FranklinMethod® content in your courses, trainings and workshops please make sure you are marketing the brand: FranklinMethod® in your announcements.


  • Online training videos for promotion are permitted. However you must write your name on the video and add this label: Licensed Franklin Method® Educator Level X. Please also send us a link to your video(s) for review. Please note that the sale of these videos is not permitted. In the marketing tools pages there are marketing badge graphics that you can use on your website to denote you are a certified Franklin Method Educator.

If you do choose to submit a listing to our website, please reference our website link:, on your website as well.

We do permit use of  FranklinMethod® logo on your promotional materials; however, there are a few important guidelines that need to be followed:

  • The logo must be used in original blue or black only.
  • FM educators (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) are allowed to use the logo for business cards, announcements or on your homepage.
  • We have 4 samples of announcements for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 should you need them.

Marketing Materials The below links are password protected areas and only accessible with the password your received at graduation for your level. If you do not have a password for entry please email where we will verify your educator level and send you the access password. 

Level 1 Downloads

Level 2 Downloads

Level 3 Downloads
(Please note, above links are password protected areas.)

Flyers and detailed training materials with information about the Franklin-Method® can be requested directly from the Institute.

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