The Franklin Method uses a comprehensive understanding of the function and design of the human body to produce optimal health and peak performance. Simplifying the complex without loosing the essence. Making it hands on, practical and direct.

Our anatomy is the result of the experience of evolution. Our species evolved solutions to deal with various challenges. We teach you how your body is designed to function based on the science of movement, biomechanical principles and evolutionary history.

Rather than simply learning anatomical details and names it is helpful to experience and understand how our design works. You will learn and embody how your body is designed to function; practically in posture, movement and breathing. This understanding can be applied to any discipline or training, to identify strength and weaknesses and accelerate improved function and performance. It can also lead to insight into how you are currently using your bodys design and from there choose your course of action, regimen of exercise, mental training, therapy from an informed perspective.

  • Understand and experience your body’s design and function.
  • Become able to identify intelligent training.
  • Become your own expert coach.

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