The speciality of the Franklin method is the use of imagery. To use imagery successfully most people as well as athletes, dancers and their teachers need training that is based on the information about how imagery works, under which conditions it works best and how personal factors influence the process.

Imagery has a wide spectrum of application and has been proven in conjunction with physical practice to be the fastest avenue to affect change on a cortical level; which translates into how your nervous-system and body interacts. We can learn to use imagery systematically to learn new skills, aid performance, reduce anxiety, increase confidence, enhance endurance, speed recovery from injury or heavy exercise, for deep relaxation and much, much more…!

The Franklin Method demonstrates what innumerable studies have shown; that the mind can affect the body. Neurological studies tells us that the brain remodels itself throughout life and that it retains its capacity to change itself based on the way we behave and think. Philosopher Henry James stated a hundred years ago: “The brain is an instrument of possibilities, not of certainties”. Merely thinking about movement produces brain changes similar to those of actual physical movement.

In the Franklin Method we use imagery as our primary tool to facilitate positive change. Because by using imagery you work directly with the nervous-system, which has been scientifically proven to be the fastest way to change the way we use our body. Mindful awareness is the first step in learning to use imagery. Some people think that imagery doesn’t work for them. Now that is an image! Imagery is always at work, whether we are aware of it or not!

The creative question to ask is: Are your thoughts and general attitude supporting what you want to achieve or not?

In the Franklin Method we give you a full overview of imagery in all its varied applications especially as it pertains to movement, health and motivation. The student gets to experience the benefits of the body/mind connection. Dynamic imagery can be used to improve any skill you want to improve. Imagery is the number one body/mind skill.

  • Learn to apply imagery to improve movement, health and motivation.
  • Learn the biomechanical and anatomical foundation for understanding complex imagery.
  • Become an “imagery-pro”, skilled at designing meaningful and workable images.
  • Learn imagery conditioning programs for better alignment, safer movement, fitness and joy.

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