Yoga teachers worldwide swear by the Franklin Method® as it accelerates training gains and puts the fun back into movement. It also paves the way for rapid improvements in posture, flexibility and coordination.

“Dynamic Cueing for Yoga”

Ever have a magical yoga teacher who knew exactly what to say to get your body dynamically aligned? It’s not magic, it’s anatomy!


Do you ever find yourself tired of saying the same things over and over in your yoga classes? Or looking out at your students, wishing you had different words to help them experience a posture more healthily and fully? Traditional cues can easily become redundant and limiting. Whether you’ve been teaching yoga for a long time or you’re a new teacher, cueing is the way we guide our students – and that guidance can offer so much more than just rote, positional direction.

With the Franklin Method, you can tap into endless cueing possibilities to support a healthy, lifelong yoga practice and keep your classes fresh and interesting. In this two-hour webinar, L3 Educators and yoga teachers Alison Wesley and Ann Teachworth will explain how to create effective imagery to shed new light on poses you’ve done a hundred times. Discover how dynamic alignment based in functional anatomy can improve your yoga immediately and ensure a healthy practice in the long term. Explore creative prop usage to strengthen the focus and effect of each posture.

Two experienced teachers, two unique perspectives –
one webinar to permanently enhance your yoga.

Ann and Ali struck up a friendship during their FM training and
they’ve been teaching workshops and creating content together since 2020
– built on a shared passion for yoga and embodiment.

Webinar replay with Franklin Method® Faculty Alison Wesley and
Franklin Method® Level 3 Educator Ann Teachworth:

This bite-sized class offers a broad range of exercises, techniques and insights:

  • How the Franklin Method can improve your yoga practice
  • Understand the power of proprioception for enhancing awareness and mobility
  • Learn how functional, anatomical imagery improves common postures like utkatasana /chair pose, virabhadrasana /warrior pose and adho mukha svanasana /downward dog pose
  • How expanded metaphorical imagery will keep your yoga vibrant
  • Learn a fresh mind-body approach to truly embody your yoga poses

Replay | Dynamic Cueing for Yoga


  • Webinar Replay with Alison Wesley and Ann Teachworth (originally aired on January 18th, 2023)
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Includes:
    • 3 months of access to the video replay
    • Class slides for download (PDF)
    • Poster pack for download (PDF)

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