Become a Franklin Method Fascia Trainer
for the Face, Neck & Shoulders!

Understand. Embody. Teach.

Deep knowledge of the shoulder, neck and face fascia for your teaching toolbox! 

3 days of face, shoulder and neck embodiment with Eric Franklin.

Take your skills to the next level. 

Our Franklin Method Fascia Trainer for the Face, Neck & Shoulders course is packed with valuable knowledge and insights about the face, shoulders and neck – as well as a range of innovative embodiments and exercises to release tension in this crucial area of the body. Get ready to understand how the shoulders, neck and face move and interact; and learn how to pass on this valuable content to your students and clients.

The content you’ll learn can be taught as a stand-alone workshop or slotted into existing classes to add variety to your teaching – your students will be amazed at your knowledge of the shoulders and neck, and how you can help them experience it for themselves!

franklin method neck muscles stretch

Boost your career prospects.

Whether you’re a physical therapist, movement educator or yoga, Pilates, sports or dance teacher – this is the training for you. It represents a great opportunity to improve both didactically and methodologically. This 3-day “Fascia of the Face, Neck & Shoulders” training is also an ideal entry point to the world of the Franklin Method – not least as many people are now realizing the importance of the fascia for wellbeing.

Reduce your risk of injury.

You will learn the vital role embodiment plays in the face, shoulders and neck – and how bodily movements, emotions and thoughts interact. The training also reveals how to specifically train your fascia and in doing so get to grips with your own tension and back issues as well as prepare you to deal with those of your students and clients.

Game-changing embodiment techniques for releasing the fascia
of the face, shoulders and neck.


Content & description

In this course, you will learn about the many layers within and connections between the fascia of the face, shoulders and neck – in a clear and practice-driven way. We will experience the muscles and fascia, and learn to activate and embody them using innovative, evidence-based and game-changing exercises and imagery.

  • Relax the shoulders and neck by releasing the fascia & unlocking movement potential
  • Straighten the spine to create more supple shoulders
  • Train the facial muscles for a more relaxed, radiant appearance and corresponding effect on your mood
  • Train fascia for strength, resilience & optimal function
  • Teach the art & science of correct cueing using fascial slings & dynamic exercises
  • Improve your teaching techniques for enhanced results with your students & a greater sense of ease in your own body
  • Understand and communicate the science underlying your expertise
  • Add the fastest, most effective training methods for fascia health to your practice and educational toolbox


The training at a glance

3-day LIVE online training with Eric Franklin
7 days of access to the class replay for reviewing and cementing the content
Q&A and practice sessions with our Institute’s Faculty
Certification as a Franklin Method Fascia Trainer for the Face, Neck & Shoulders
Franklin Method Trainer License
Access to a Student Resource Page, including preparatory video modules

  • Embodiment of the Fascia – Webinar Replay
  • Happy Face Fitness – Webinar Replay
  • Relaxed Shoulders, Released Neck – Webinar Replay
  • Franklin Method® Principles – Online Workshop
  • Intro to Anatomy – Webinar Replay

Original Franklin Method fascia poster set to print for your courses
“Face, Neck & Shoulder Fascia” Training Manual in PDF format
100% online: Double the savings – receive your certification in less time & no costs for travel and accommodation

On graduation, you will receive a license which entitles you to use the knowledge acquired in your own teaching. In other words, this training enables you to add elements of the Franklin Method to your workshops and teaching, and offer your own workshops for “Franklin Method: The Ultimate Head & Shoulder Fascia Tone-up”.

The course fee includes a license up to the end of 2023, so your license would only have to be renewed from January 2024. You can view and sign the training and licensing agreement here.

Important: This is a LIVE online training – please join us live as you would for a class “in person”! However, you will have the chance to review the live class replay for a 7-day period after the event.

Please note: It is important that you treat this course like a live “in person” course – live attendance is mandatory for your certification. Eric’s teaching sessions will be available as a replay for review for a period of 7 days after the live event. The Master Teacher Q&A and practice sessions will be available to you indefinitely as a replay after the live event. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to us.

This course is geared towards both beginners and advanced learners, and is intended for anyone that wants to cement and expand their knowledge of the fascia and muscles of the back.

After receipt of the complete tuition fee and reaching the minimum number of participants, you will receive access to the online workshops & webinar replays intended to prepare you for the 3-day online training course.

*Attention: Completing these preparatory courses is required, as you will have to complete a simple online test before attending the live webinar.* All the information about these tests will be sent closer to the training dates!

Important prerequisites for participation:

  • 1 Franklin Ball Set – Smooth Orange Balls (not included in the price) are essential. See where you can purchase your equipment here.
  • A computer, stable internet access, a webcam and microphone.
  • Comfortable clothing, pen and paper.

You can sign up for the 3-day online course immediately – and we would recommend securing your spot quickly as places on this popular course are unfortunately limited.

The training price includes:

  • Certificate as a Franklin Method® Fascia Trainer for the Face, Neck & Shoulders
  • Training manual and exercise list in PDF – ready to print!
  • 3 days of online live sessions & video modules with bonus educational material for your training
    • Embodiment of the Fascia – Webinar Replay
    • Happy Face Fitness – Webinar Replay
    • Relaxed Shoulders, Released Neck – Webinar Replay
    • Franklin Method® Principles – Online Workshop
    • Intro to Anatomy – Webinar Replay
  • Daily Q&A with Master Teachers – access to the Q&A replays for as long as you remain licensed!
  • License valid until December 2023, which includes access to Educator Area, Marketing tools, Educator only store,  Educator online course discounts, Continuing Education classes
  • Facebook Group with training participants & Master Teachers

Existing FM Educators: We can offer you a 20% discount on the course price. Unfortunately, we only provide a limited number of places for already certified FM teachers. Please get in touch before registering. We are unable to refund any overpaid fees.

Face, Neck & Shoulders Fascia Trainer – Online July 2022


Face, Neck & Shoulders Fascia Trainer | Online Training | includes $150 registration fee

July 15th – 17th, 2022 with Eric Franklin and Faculty

Early Bird & Introductory Price: $590 USD (Ending on June 30, 2022!)

Regular Price: $740 USD

Training Contract 

Available worldwide!

Thanks to the live streaming format of this course, you can learn and interact with Eric Franklin no matter where you live. If you live in a time zone that makes live attendance difficult, alternative arrangements can be made. All students receive 7 days of replay access to review the content.

Tools of the trade

On top of the anatomical content, there’s a strong focus on making you a better teacher. You’ll gain practical techniques to make classes more effective and fun, and even explanations on how to successfully teach online.

Peer learning & mentors

The course includes group sessions with licensed Franklin Method faculty mentors. You receive practical advice and Q&As. We also harness the power of peer learning in teach-back sessions.

Bonus content and courses

As soon as you are enrolled, you’ll get instant access to hours of preparatory video content*:

  • Embodiment of the Fascia
  • Happy Face Fitness
  • Relaxed Shoulders, Released Neck
  • Franklin Method® Principles
  • Intro to Anatomy

Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI)™ forms the backbone of the Franklin Method – this is the use of metaphorical mental imagery to support the development of healthy physical function, strength, mobility and coordination.


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