Kidney Revolution

Live longer, healthier, and have noticeably more energy

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Franklin Method© corrects and optimizes the internal and external functions of the body through embodied function and Dynamic Neuro-cognitive Imagery™. It’s the most effective anatomy-based approach to permanently retraining your body for optimal function.

Taking the Kidney Revolution online workshop is like investing in life insurance for your body’s most important cleansing organ.


Why is this important?

+ Your kidneys are your primary cleansing organ, your Chief of Excretions.

+ What most people don’t realize is that these small, internal organs also influence your posture, flexibility, and strength. Your body works as a whole – you can’t spot clean.

+ If you’re showing symptoms – whether its lower back pain or incontinence – the whole system needs to be healed from the inside out. And it can’t just happen once in a class.

+ What differentiates Franklin Method© is that you learn tools you can use to self-heal for life.


Through this 6-week online workshop you’ll learn functional embodiments and dynamic imagery to support your body’s natural cleansing process. 

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