MP3: Breathing (12-19-17) Transformation FME

Welcome to this week’s transformation tools!

December: Franklin Method in Daily Life: Breathing

This month we are focusing on breathing.

In your toolbox for this week we have:

  •  MP3 Download: Eric Franklin on Breathing (under player is a link to download the mp3 to listen to wherever you are)

We’ve also added a PDF download of our imagery and movement chart. You can use this throughout the Transformation series to track your own movement and imagery progress

As an educator, you also get an educator extra each week.

This weeks special insider “Educator only” tool is the selfie video “Iliopsoas”  

Educator Extra:




  • Imagery & Movement Tracking Chart
    Imagery & Movement Tracking Chart

    Track your daily progress with this imagery & movement tracking chart

    1. Breathing Intro

    DOWNLOAD Breathing Intro MP3 Here



    You can use these tools as a reference or here are Actionable ways to use this weeks tools:

      • Community Discussion: This month’s theme is how to use Franklin Method in your everyday life: breathing. The goal is to make what you do everyday better. It’s the crunch of the busy holiday season, if your celebrating any holidays this year, how can breathing help you? At a busy mall, in a crowded holiday party or sitting around the table with the family – how can breathing help you improve even the simplest of task this month?  You can post your  discussion here : community forum.
      • The education extra this week was a selfie video from Eric Franklin showing you more about the Iliopsoas. What are some ways you can incorporate this into your teaching and daily life? Do you notice a difference in your own teaching and movement incorporating this exercises? Discuss this on our educator forum 


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