Join our Franklin Method Certification for Dance Teachers!

Dynamic Anatomy for Peak Performance in Dance

with Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery™

June 6th-10th 2019

Join Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin. Learn directly from the author of  the best selling book:  Conditioning for Dance for five days of hands-on training in Philadelphia, June 6th -10th. Master the cutting edge science behind Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery (DNI) as applied to dance performance and education.



$300 off for a limited time!



Training Studio:

Whole Shebang

1813 South 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148 

Or save your spot with a $150 deposit!

This Training includes:

  • First ever Franklin Method teacher training for dancers and dance educators. 

  • Functional anatomy for injury prevention

  • Cueing tools for successful dance teaching. 

  • Imagery Techniques for Exquisite Movement

  • Exclusive training directly with Franklin Method Founder, Eric Franklin and FM Faculty

  • Enhance performance quality

  • Step up your teaching with a student centered approach that meets the needs of today’s dancer

  • Learn to embody function and increase expressivity through mental training & Imagery insights for both dancers and dance educators

  • Cutting edge science for dance


You will receive:

  • Online pre-training courseReceive access to Franklin Method Principles & The Art of Cueing for Movement upon registration

  • Interactive training with Eric Franklin & Shannon Murphy (University of the Arts Dance Educator & Franklin Method Faculty)

  • Franklin Method for Dance Training manual

  • One set of Franklin Method Balls

  • One Franklin Method Resistance band

  • 1-year Membership to Franklin Method Educator version of Transformation

  • Exclusive Certification to teach the Franklin Method Workshop: The Art of the Plié


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