The Art & Science of Cueing for Movement 

In this online course you:

    • Experience whats it like to move according to the natural design of your body.

    • Discover fun & creative ways to cue for any movement: Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Coaching, Physical therapy, etc.

    • Learn to harness the mind body connection to improve your own function

    • Discover the best imagery techniques to improve your teaching practice

    • Add to your cueing tool kit using anatomical & metaphorical imagery

    • Learn the tools to break tension patterns, become stronger &  feel more confident in any movement

    • Learn functional anatomy insights to enhance safe and efficient movement 

8 Weeks to Improving Your Movement & Teaching


“The beginning of all change is noticing where you are at and deciding on whether you like where you are at, or not, and if not, change something.”


Week 1: Warm Up & Introduction 


Week 2: Re-defining Cueing  


Week 3; Reaching Your Goals with Cueing


“You are really good at what you are thinking most of the time.”


Week 4: Information Transfer               


Week 5: Building the Best Cue


Week 6:  Mind Body Connection Using Imagery


 “If you want to change something, first change your focus.” 


Week 7: Cueing with Sense


Week 8: The Power of Imagery – Use Your Power Wisely


Bonus:  ball exercises to achieve your movement goal using imagery and student centered teaching


“If you know function, you can very rapidly bring in better movement.”



Retail Price: $368

8 Week Course

+ 8 Weekly Video modules

Includes Introduction & Warm Up Video module

+ Bonus: Cueing Ball Exercise Video

+ Participation Certificate


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