Please note: This Continuing Education course counts as an official CE course for FM Educators
and is exclusively available to certified Level 1 – 3 Franklin Method Educators.

Online Workshop for Educators

“Beyond the Pelvic Floor

Embodying the Perineum


This training is focused on training and embodying a very important part of the pelvic floor, that has mostly been neglected in favor of the pelvic diaphragm: the final section of the urinary system, the rectum, the reproductive organs, the perineum, as well as the anal and urogenital triangle.

All the muscles in this area are subject to voluntary control and are thus innervated by the somatic nervous system. In other words – we can train them! Most pelvic floor training focuses primarily on the pelvic diaphragm. Yet targeted training of the more neglected muscles can be highly effective, and help in remedying incontinence, pelvic floor pain, hip osteoarthritis, as well as Sacroiliac Joint and back problems.

In this course, we’ll be giving all our attention to this lower, largely neglected part of the pelvic floor. Embodiment and movement not only help us to optimize pelvic floor training, but our entire posture and mobility to boot. In this course, you’ll learn valuable exercises for improving your health and that of your clients.

Continuing Education for truly holistic pelvic floor training

This class will be building on your existing knowledge base with in-depth teaching of this frequently neglected part of the human anatomy, and how to train it. We’ll be covering the following points in detail:

✔️ The deep perineal pouch, its muscles and fascia
✔️ The superficial perineal pouch, its muscles and fascia
✔️ Transverse and sagittal fascial connections of the perineum
✔️ Integrating the perineum, back and abdomen
✔️ Integrating and embodying the layers of the pelvic floor

Get ready for numerous exercises for your own personal health and that of your clients.


This replay covers the bi-annual CE requirement
for Franklin Method Educators.

CE: Beyond the Pelvic Floor REPLAY – Perineum – Educator only


  • REPLAY of the class held on Feb 12, 2022
  • This replay covers full bi-annual CE requirement
  • 1 year access to the replay
  • Enrollment includes the FM Educator License
  • Dedicated training manual
  • Exercise list
  • Poster set


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