Please note: This Continuing Education course counts as an official CE course for Franklin Method® Educators
and is exclusively available to certified Level 1 – 3 Franklin Method® Educators.

CE Class for Educators only

Healthy Heart & Lungs through Imagery & Movement

Vital insights into our vital organs


In this continuing education class, we’ll be placing the spotlight on lung and heart health, and how we can use embodiment, imagery techniques and exercises to keep them serving us reliably for a lifetime. You’ll learn how to boost the elasticity of the lungs and heart, and in doing so bolster your immune system.

The heart is the key to our physical and emotional wellbeing. To keep your heart healthy, you don’t just have to eat well and get enough exercise – there’s much more to it that! And it’s these additional aspects and how you can support them that we’ll be exploring in this CE class for all Franklin Method® Educators (Level 1 and above).

The lungs have a surface area of 100m2, encompassing with millions of alveoli. This vast area has to be constantly cleaned and kept elastic to ensure healthy, efficient breathing. To support this process, Eric Franklin will be showing you specific exercises you can do to boost and maintain the trachea, bronchials and alveoli, as well as the aorta, veins and arteries.

Continuing Education for truly holistic mind-body training

This class will be building on your existing knowledge base with in-depth teaching of these two vital organs, and how to train them. We’ll be covering the following points in detail:

✔️ The three challenges of the lungs and which exercises help master them
✔️ Breathing techniques for boosting the immune system
✔️ Improving circulation with specific movement exercises
✔️ Promoting blood flow in the lungs and heart
✔️ Enhancing your capacity to breathe
✔️ Improving the function of the heart by moving the diaphragm and rib cage.

Get ready for numerous exercises to promote your own personal health and that of your students.


IMPORTANT: Live attendance is not mandatory, and the replay will be provided to you indefinitely (for as long as you remain a licensed Franklin Method Educator) within 48 hours of the live event.

This replay covers the bi-annual CE and license requirement
for Franklin Method® Educators.


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