Our approach is a playful yet in depth style of teaching. Learning in the Franklin Method™ is centered around embodiment; the student experiencing the material in their own bodies. It also includes movement, release techniques and constructive rest.

A typical day will include a warm-up in the morning followed by the experiential anatomy topic, constructive rest after lunch and the day ends with conditioning and movement, where the topic of the day is integrated. The Franklin Method™ cultivates awareness of the body’s different aspects and their interrelationships. The aim is to stimulate a healthy balance and optimal life expression. We not only aim to improve what we have but to improve what we can become.

The Franklin Method™ is a totally new way of training which will supplement and enrich traditional training methods. It combines scientific and anatomical analysis with movement and imagery exercises that are both effective and fun. It can be used for specific performance enhancement as well as a tool to improve overall fitness and body awareness. It proposes that there is so much more potential, enjoyment and wellness for us all to experience.


Is the Franklin Method™ for me?

The Franklin Method™ caters to a great variety of people which our client list bears witness to. It includes lay people from all ages and professional backgrounds as well as movement professionals, dancers and athletes, fitness and yoga instructors, physical therapists and bodyworkers.


The Franklin Method™ is for you if…

…you wish to learn about the use of imagery training when it comes to movement, health and performance.
…you are interested in learning about the body in a direct and experiential manner.
…you are wanting to enhance your existing skills as a physical therapist, body worker or coach.
…you are seeking to improve your level of performance, presence and ensure longevity.
…you want to improve your teaching skills.


As a Lay Person

To experience the fullness of life we need our health. Health is paramount to experience life a as a ride that glides. Without health we can loose our zest for life. We may all know the basic life prognosis in the 21st century with its assortments of ills and pains. It is important to remind ourselves that there is nothing wrong with our bodies, there is only something wrong with how we use our bodies.

The body is our life’s home. We all experience change, aging, gravity and effects of habits. It is revealing to recognize that we have manuals for pretty much everything in our lives: mobile phones, cars, vacuum cleaners, cameras, DVD’s and iPod’s but yet our body is the great exception!

The Franklin Method™ supplies you with the manual that allows you to take charge of your life. How are we designed, how do we function and what influenced us the most. Practically, actually and factually. Presented in laymans terms with practical ways to ensure a healthy body to pursue the dreams of your life. Then you can experience yourself how you are currently using your body. Based on that you can make an informed choice about how to improve and change any aspect. You will become your own expert, capable of providing your own answers based on personal insight. You will become able to select the most condusive training to your body type, current fitness level as well as goals and aspirations.


As a Movement Professional

The combing of strengthening, coordination and stretching into one body conditioning routine represents a breakthrough in physical training. Not only do you gain in all these aspects; power balance and flexibility. The exercise can as well be tailor made to resemble any specific discipline. It can also be used to balance out any ill effects from one-sided or repetitive routines.


As a Physical Therapist

The human body is a precision machine. The brain receives about 2 billion messages per second and balances them all into a functional whole. Thus we can run into problems when it has been slightly off kilter for a number of years and we try to do a dramatic adjustment of any kind. Like cracking walnuts with a jack hammer. It will confuse the nervous system as will any one-sided focus. A little precision instruction, awareness of function and design can have great results.

Learn how to ask the right questions when considering a particular exercise: What is the goal? What is the joint motion, what muscles are involved? How can an exercise be modified to be healthier, safer and more efficient?


As a Teacher

The Franklin Method™ helps teachers become better educators. Learn the critical points to improve your educational skills. Our approach to pedagogy helps you become an expert educator.


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