About Morten Dithmer

Morten Dithmer is a Franklin Teacher Trainer, Vice Director of the Franklin Method Institute and a major creative contributor to the Franklin Method. He has taught at numerous famous institutions and conferences around the world as well as at countless studios and spaces where the body takes center stage.
Morten brings an eclectic background and perspective to his teachings. He originally trained as a dancer at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. His choreography and dance work gradually evolved into a career as a Vaudeville Artist which extended over 20 years. He is also an instructor in Osteopathic Bodywork and had a private practice in Tokyo. He has trained in the martial art of Aikido for 30 years and holds a 6 degree black belt and an instructor’s degree.
Morten Dithmer is originally from Denmark but now spreads his time almost equally between the continents from his home base in Japan.

Contact info:

Morten Dithmer

Bel Colles Alle 5

2960 Rungsted Kyst


+45 42928757

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