8 week online video course

Weekly lessons incl. Videos & Worksheets

  • Discover true substance on how to have a healthier, happier heart on a physical and emotional level.
  • Learn how to upgrade your brain and rejuvenate your mind and memory.
  • Did you know your heart is a muscle ? Learn exercises to feel better immediately with new strength and flexibility.
  • The health of your heart directly effects the health of your emotions, experience how embodied heart movement can lift your mood and spirit.
  • Improve your circulation and breathing capacity. This will improve your brain function, movement performance and endurance.
  • Improve the function of your heart through the movement the diaphragm and ribcage.
  • Having a healthy heart is more than just diet and aerobic exercise. Go deeper to explore, experience and know on a substantive level how to help your heart.

6 week online video course

Weekly lessons incl. Videos & Worksheets

(no matter when you start!)

  • How to strengthen abdominal muscles in an effective way, without injuring or causing tension in your body.
  • The relation between abdominal strength and a lean, flat stomach.
  • The best methods for abdominal training using function, anatomy, movement and imagery.
  • How to coordinate your breathing  and abdominal muscles properly.
  • The keys to training of the pelvic floor in relation to your abs.
  • Effective abdominal exercises using the Franklin Method, that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

4 week online video course

Weekly lessons incl. Videos

If you are you ready to discover stability and balance, experience more natural flexibility in your hip joints, have ease in your daily, natural movement, be more aligned and feel more grounded, the Franklin Method Psoas online course may be exactly what you need!

Click here to learn more about the Psoas online course and get started today!


Take at your own pace

Weekly lessons incl. Videos

This course is an introductory look at the Franklin Method approach to fascia training, which will give you a balanced look at Fascia and how it relates to every movement you make. Using education, imagery and embodiment that you’ve come to expect with the Franklin Method you will also put into practice what you are learning with exclusive Franklin Method Fascia training exercises.

This mini course teaches you what Fascia is, how it effects every movement in your body and will provide you with valuable keys to train your fascia


4 week online video course

Weekly lessons incl. Videos & Worksheets

(no matter when you start!)

  • Dynamic Sitting for a Long & Healthy Life
  • Learn how to improve Your Posture
  • Learn how to strengthen your Abs & Gluts
  • Gain tools to help you add movement to your everyday life, where ever you are and whatever you are doing

Pelvic Power I & II Core Integration: For a Strong Pelvic Floor & Liberated Lower Back!

Each part is a 6 week online video course

Weekly lessons incl. Videos & Worksheets

  • Increase the flexibility of your hip joints for yoga, dance and life
  • Learn pelvic exercises for strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Release tension and pain in your pelvis and lower back
  • Experience Dynamic core training for your pelvis
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