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Welcome to a the 3rd video in new series of free video lessons that we will be publishing at least once a month for you. Your feet take you around your world, and this month I’m going to share a free video lession with you to pamper those feet.

I am going to show you 4 movements you can do everyday to awaken your feet. I share a bit of anatomy information as well as movements that will help your feet immediately feel energized and the only equipment you need to use, is your hands. This is the fastest way to get your feet ready for running, jogging, dancing, walking, stair climbing or any foot movement.

Watch below, and I would love to hear your feedback in the comments!


We still have spaces in our 2017 Level 1 Teacher Training in New York City!

You will learn:

  • The tools to teach Franklin Method workshops and weekly classes
  • Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI)™ for rapid improvement in movement
  • How to feel great in your body, in minutes and how to teach that skill to others
  • Practical insights into the embodiment of function; from biomechanical synchronism to movement excellence.
  • How to train to go from average to outstanding.
  • Effective and fun exercise series using Franklin Balls & Bands

After the training you will be certified as a Franklin Method educator and are able to list your workshops, list as an educator on our website, use our logo on your marketing materials and your website.

Training includes:


  • 21 days of intensive learning, spread over one year for your convenience.
  • One set of Franklin method balls
  • One Franklin Method Blue Band
  • Exclusive access to Interactive Training Facebook Group
  • Immediate access to the Training Membership Online Page with tools that include the Pelvic Power 1 & 2 online courses, Mind Body online course and the educator only online course: Franklin Method Principles.
  • Get access to the page and online courses immediately after registration. 

Register to become a certified Franklin Method Educator here.

More News:

  • If you are a Franklin Method Educator that has graduated from Level 2 or 3 & you have not yet signed up for ourFascia Certification training in December you still have time to register, and there are a couple of spots left!  You can register here.

Dates of upcoming LIVE workshops with Eric Franklin:

More Training Options:

  • We still have some spots open for our Level 1 educator training in New York City. You can learn more hereTake your movement education to a new level
  • We will be holding weekly official Franklin Method classes at our new, NYC home: “Arts on Site” in the St. Marks area of NYC. These weekly 1 hour classes will be taught primarily byDamian McCann, a member of our teacher trainer faculty, but will also be joined on occasion by different guest teachers including myself.
    • During this pilot program the classes will only be $10 per hour class!!!
    • The Classes are Tuesdays from 1pm-2pm at Arts on Site in NYC.
    • Find out more information here:


Thank you for taking the time to read my email, enjoy the video lesson and have a great day. 

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Showing 25 comments
  • Betsy Wood

    Thank you, Eric! I really enjoy your videos. I have lymphedema in my left ankle, so approach ankle movement carefully. Do you have any suggestions regarding lymphedema? Thanks.

  • Pamela Clough

    Thank you, my feet feel terrific now!

  • dr suki

    Excellent as always. Thank you so much

  • Lyndsey

    even makes your shins feel lighter 🙂 great starter for the day – thanks Eric

  • peggy Bojduj

    My poor tired overused feet are feeling bloodflowing tingling and more energized. Thanks!
    Maybe I need to take them dancing now!

  • Barbara

    Yes, Also thank you Eric ! Nice video with good explanation and basic movements you can do with the feet to awaken them every day !

  • Donna

    Thanks Eric, enjoyed your video. My feet are feeling happy just doing these exercises.

  • Dashurije

    Thnx Eric! Very useful messages with your videos.

  • Jane Thomas

    Brilliant very interesting

  • Christine Kendell

    Especially interesting as I have over-pronation caused by loose ligaments. My ankes, and in fact all the foot joints are rather stiff, so very helpful. Thanks.

  • CJ

    Simple steps to recommend to clients and engage students in a class.

  • Gülcan

    Quick and effective 🙂

  • Ruth

    Thank you so much for your video! I will try it out today and with my parents.

  • Lynn Peterson

    Succinct and effective! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

  • Virginia

    Thank you! My feet feel more stable and grounded after those brief exercises!

  • Inez Turner

    Thanks such much for your informative video! I really appreciated your insight and instruction.

  • Anne-Mette Taylor

    The best ever

  • Janet

    Thanks Eric! Any advice for a runner with a bunion?

  • Elise

    Loving these new videos. Helpful, easy and broken down in a simple way. Please keep them coming ! Thank you

  • beatriz kreimer

    Thank you ! Short, objective and good.

  • Mar

    Excercise for the feet feels even better than the balls, thank you

  • Heather Claridge

    Thank you! That was a very appropriate video as I was doing something similar in mybteaching this week, so I feel more informed!

    When are you coming back to the UK to do more workshops!


  • david

    very nice indeed. I love your methods

  • Lora

    Felt great and super simple! Thanks

  • Stephanie Sebastiano

    Have always been a fan of the Franklin method! Was introduce to it by a dance teacher back in the late 90’s
    Thrilled to join your mailing list!

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