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healthy side bend
Imagery for a Healthy Sidebend in Yoga

A few weeks ago I posted a video lesson to help you attain a healthy backbend in Yoga using Imagery. This week I have a video lesson for you to show you Imagery for a Healthy Side Bend in Yoga. A side bend is
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FM for Running
Franklin Method for Running: Relaxed Shoulders

This week I am going to take you outside in Brooklyn to show you how to improve your running with relaxed shoulders. If your shoulders are tight or hunched it will block movement of the spine, pelvis and leg. I
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Healthier Back Bend In Yoga
Imagery for a Healthy Backbend in Yoga

 The backbend is used in Dance, Yoga, Pilates and in many other movement modalities.  In this new free video lesson I will show you a healthier way to perform a backbend. The video will start out with a short overview
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Fascia Imagery and Movement to Free & Lengthen your back

  This week I have a free video lesson for you, which will teach you how to free and lengthen your back using fascia imagery and movement. Also included is a short summary of your deep fascia and how it effects your
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Take a moment to relax and refresh your eyes

Your eyes are busy all day long looking from one screen to another (like emails like this). Our eyes watch the road in front of us, show us words to read, and survey the sunsets: our eyes are the windows
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Release lower back tension, by pampering these organs

Your heart. Your lungs. We know that these organs keep your body alive. Today our free lesson is about a different set of organs, these also work non stop – and are the cleaning crew for your blood. It’s time to pamper and treat these
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Deepen Your Breath Screenshot
How to Deepen Your Breath

“Shallow breathing limits the diaphragm’s range of motion. The lowest part of the lungs doesn’t get a full share of oxygenated air. That can make you feel short of breath and anxious. Deep abdominal breathing encourages full oxygen exchange — that
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Hamstrings Lengthening
How to Lengthen Your Hamstrings

“One of the most common injuries in sport is the hamstring strain, as the hamstring muscles are very susceptible to tears and strains. Hamstring strains are most common among sports that require a high degree of speed, power and agility
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blogpost July 7th
A Toning & Strengthening Workout For Your Gluts and Lower Back

Here is a free lesson for you from Eric Franklin: A Toning & Strengthening Workout for Your Gluts and Lower Back Using Franklin Method Bands. Have you seen our new online courses?  Dynamic Abs & Sit to be Fit have
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Screenshot at Jun 03 18-09-09
Creating a Healthier Sacroiliac Joint Using Movement, Touch & Imagery

Today I have for you an intensive 5 part video lesson: Creating a Healthier Sacroiliac Joint Through Movement, Touch & Imagery. From Wikapedia: The sacroiliac joint or SI joint (SIJ) is the joint in the bony pelvis between the sacrum and the ilium
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