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Knee Rhythm at Notre Dame

In Paris during a recent Teacher’s Training class, I took a moment to talk about Knee Rhythm at Notre Dame.


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Why You Shouldn’t Grip Your Core – Part 1

This video is part 1, in a two part series, about why it’s not a good idea to “grip” your core.
We are also going to do a quick overview about breathing and your diaphragm and how your breathing effects the
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Is cueing to lengthen your spine always a good idea?

 Our spines are our natural force absorbers as we move, instead of ridged straight columns like we may imagine them to be. In light of their practical design, this video talks about why it is not always the true or
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Training improves what you are doing

Training improves what you are doing. If what you are doing is functional you are training your body for long lasting health. If what you are doing is against function, then exercising can actually hurt you.
This week’s video is an
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Is Flexibility an Emotion?

If you feel inflexible you normally stretch out your muscle. However, there is also another way. Did you know that your brain influences your flexibility depending on your state of mind?
When you watch the video, join in on the exercise
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Freeing the Chest and Spine with Heart and Lung Imagery

Visualizing your organs, as you are moving, has many benefits. Organs can also form joints with one another or the surrounding structures. For example, as shown in this video, the heart forms a joint with the lungs in which case
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How To Open The Hip Naturally – Franklin Method®

Shoulder Toning and Release with Bands – Franklin Method®

This week Eric shows you a very fast and effective exercise on how to tone and release your shoulder muscles with the help of Franklin Band and the imagery of slimy and slippery shoulder blades.

A peek into Franklin Method

Oblique Abdominal Workout with Bands – Franklin Method®

The oblique abdominals are important for rotating the torso and help with the exhalation phase of breathing by lowering the ribs. The internal oblique is also important for lower back and pelvic stability. The outer oblique forms the inguinal ligament
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